Fall Highlights 2023

The Cossee International Agency fall catalogue presents the very best fiction, non-fiction and classics from five independent Dutch publishing houses. Including newcomer Tiemen Hiesmtra’s W., Donald Niedekker’s award-winning work and Anna van Suchtelen’s sparkling non-fiction.

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Rediscovered Classics

We’re proud to present our new and comprehensive classics brochure, which includes works by Bea Vianen, Dola de Jong, Henriette Roosenburg, Josepha Mendels, A.H. Nijhoff, Ida Simons and Loekie Zvonik, many of which have been translated widely.

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Eva Meijer Highlights

We're happy to highlight Eva Meijer’s outstanding oeuvre, including her thought-provoking fiction and non-fiction, with which she has been shaping debate on nonhuman animals, politics, climate and language in the Netherlands as well as abroad. Translated into over 20 languages!

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Cossee International Agency, or CIA, forms part of Cossee Publishers, an independent publishing house situated at the Amstelveld in Amsterdam. The publishing house was established in 2001. Cossee publishes both Dutch and translated fiction and non-fiction. With their selected list, the carefully edited and beautifully designed editions Cossee wants to give their authors the best possible platform and a growing readership.

At the agency we work hard to give books that we are passionate about the possibility to travel around the world: Books from Cossee authors as well as our favourite picks from other independent publishers, such as Das Mag, Koppernik, Pluim and Van Oorschot.

The department is headed by Stella Rieck. It comprises Christoph Buchwald and Eva Cossée, the publishers of Uitgeverij Cossee, and Elaine Michon who handles film and theatre rights.

International Successes