A Dog's Day

A Dog's Day

A Dog's Day

Sander Kollaard

On a scorching summer day, Henk van Doorn gets up at dawn. Fifty‐six years old, a nurse in an intensive care unit, his only company is his dog Canaille. And that Saturday morning, as he took stock of his life, it wasn’t great. He’s divorced: first error; single: another error. He doesn't take a vacation: third mistake. And the list goes on and on. No money invested: error. No Audi: error. No house of his own: error. No gym membership: error. And his old dog is showing worrying signs of weakness.

While his days promise to be insignificant, except for Canaille's worrying state, almost trivial events spice up this dreary daily life: an unexpected invitation to his niece's birthday, the appearance of an unknown woman came to help his dog who suddenly collapsed during a walk. Henk feels a desire for this woman, that he believed lost. The surprises peppered throughout this day, not so ordinary after all, will perhaps awaken his appetite for existence. A profound book, carried by clear and simple writing, which makes the beauty of daily life sparkle.

‘I was enchanted by the rare balance between wisdom and wit. A gem of a novel. – Héloïse D’Ormesson

‘A literary masterpiece that fits well in our time. Moreover, dogs and intensive care nurses are the heroes of the pandemic.’ – Gunnar Cynybulk of Kanon Verlag

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  • German (Kanon)
  • French (Héloïse D’Ormesson)
  • Japanese (Shinchosha)
  • Korean (Next Wave Media Corporation)
  • Turkish (İş Kültür)
  • Croatian (Naklada Ljevak)