Seven Types of Hunger

Seven Types of Hunger

Seven Types of Hunger

Renate Dorrestein

Seven Types of Hunger is set in an exclusive spa town at the Dutch coast, where the male high society tries to get rid of some superfluous kilos. In this stately cottage hardly any calories are being served and the word exercise gains a wholly new meaning. Who gives up, pays a net yearly income as the price. The threat seems to be doing its job.

Nonetheless, Nadine and Derek Ravendorp, the married couple behind this successful institution, are struggling with problems that despite their long and happy marital life they cannot share with one another. How long can those secrets be kept? Who is the homeless guy that Nadine smuggled into the house? How good are Derek’s accounting skills, really? And most of all -  what to do about the anorexic girl that had to accompany her father to the diet villa?

Seven Types of Hunger is food for thought that only Renate Dorrestein can prepare so skilfully. A light-hearted novel, full of energy and suspense about one of her favourite topics: to eat or to be eaten. And about love, obviously.  

'Seven Types of Hunger is a masterfully written novel by an author who knows exactly what she is looking for.' – De Volkskrant

‘The tale is composed according to the golden rules of novel writing. But where Dorrestein excels, is that the plot is much more layered than it seems at first sight. Seven Types of Hunger is about loss, and an emptiness that – watch out! – cannot necessarily be filled. It is all a question of discipline and care for the self. Maybe that’s the biggest secret.’ – Het Parool

‘The skilful manner in which Dorrestein has put together this entertaining novel deserves respect. She is a master at quick characterization, with an eye for telling details. (…) This book is Dorrestein at her finest.’ - HP/De Tijd

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