What's mine

What's mine

What's mine

Bette Adriaanse

Luís is in his early thirties and works as a dishwasher in a fast-food restaurant. He has moved from the Dutch countryside to the capital, into his deceased mother’s house, much to the displeasure of his posh neighbour Estelle. One day, an eloquent British gentleman arrives at the door, with no intention of leaving. He has grounds to believe that he is entitled to the flat. And thus, a miniature war breaks out in this Amsterdam flat. The intruder finds an ally in Estelle. Luís himself seeks advice from an anarchist lawyer specialized in cosmic space law. Seeking proof that the flat belonged to his mother, Luís discovers a disturbing truth. When the conflict culminates, Luís and his visitor must reconsider what really belongs to them and how far they are willing to go to defend it.

What’s Mine is a hilarious and heartfelt story about cultural and class differences, appropriation and possession, about the law and justice.

What’s Mine is a stellar achievement of depicting the absurdist brutality of contemporary urban capitalism where nothing but narcissism and arbitrary outcomes rule.” – Alan N. Shapiro, author

What’s Mine makes you think about property, ownership and inheritance, and how these impel people. What a surprising plot, cleverly connecting the lives of these characters. ” – Nederlands Dagblad

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  • English language edition published with Unnamed Press (World English rights)