Lodewijk van Oord

Lodewijk van Oord (Madrid, 1977) has spent most of his life abroad. After his studies in Leiden and Utrecht, he taught in a twelfth-century castle on the cliffs of Wales. His first publication was a series of poems in De Revisor, and ever since, he has written stories, essays and articles for several journals and literary magazines. His entries received nominations for several literary prizes. His story ‘Thesmophoria’ won the Nieuw Proza Prijs 2011.

Lodewijk van Oord debuted in 2014 with The Last Rhino, which received praise on national television and a nomination for the Jan Wolkers Prize in 2015 for books about nature. The Netherlands’ principal newspaper NRC proclaimed the first chapter of The Last Rhino to be the best literary scene of Amsterdam of the year. *The Last Rhino came out as Der letzte Nashorn in March 2016 in Germany by Knaus Verlag.

Van Oord lived and studied in Leiden and specialized in Ancient History. In Everything of Value he looks back on this period and describes the canals, the cafés and the libraries of his studentship. His second novel, Everything of Worth took place in the academic world and came out in 2016. In 2019 his third book Nobody Belongs Here came out, addressing the colonial history of Europe from various perspectives.

In 2017 he moved to Maastricht, where since then, he has been the principal of the United World College.